Attorneys seek advice and testimony from reconstruction experts to expedite the needs of their clients and the case at hand.  Time is short, discretion is critical, and documentation is paramount.

JWC is highly aware of the sensitivity and care that is required when providing expert witness or intrusive testing services.

We are experts in assessing water damage causation and its effects, as well as architectural and structural defects that may appear.

We provide a comprehensive selection of services that includes but is not limited to:

  • Initial Site Inspections
  • Intrusive Testing Services
  • Selective Cost Estimating and Expert Testimony
  • Emergency Structural and Water Damage Assessment, Repairs and Remediation
  • Neutral Witness Repair Programs
  • Construction Management of Developer Repairs
  • Settlement Analysis
  • Post Litigation Reconstruction

We are on time, on budget, and take complete control of any homeowner coordination that may be necessary.

For more information regarding our litigation support services, please contact JWC at 800.773.7147 or via email at for your complimentary site visit!