JWC is fully licensed: 

  • California Contractor’s License Number 472159 B-1, HIC
  • Arizona Contractor’s License Number ROC 190300 KB-1

JWC is fully insured:

  • What sets JWC apart from other General Contractors is that we also carry Professional Liability insurance like an Architect or Engineer.  This means all of our front end consulting, planning, specifications and recommendations are insured.  Whereas, all General Contractors have General Liability, JWC has both General and Professional Liability insurance which includes Homeowner Association “inclusive” coverage.
  • It is important to fully understand the coverage other companies may profess they have.  Although many state that they have General Liability and/or Professional Liability, they lack the endorsement to allow them to work on Condominiums, Townhomes, Planned Urban Developments (PUD’s) and/or Common Interest Developments (CID’s).
  • Our insurance certificates confirming our coverage is provided for all contracted projects.

For more information regarding our license and insurance, please contact JWC at 800.773.7147 or via email at jwccon@jwcconstruction.com