Here’s the “Fix” for SB-326

Sometimes a disaster pushes an industry to a point that mandates are set by the governing legislators to ensure the safety of public.  This is the genesis of SB-326.

In 2015, a terrible accident occurred where a private elevated balcony failed due to poor original construction details coupled with a lack of maintenance.  Six (6) people lost their lives.

This unfortunate incident could have been avoided.

The maintenance and repair of Common Areas for Common Interest Developments has been a never-ending challenge for the Community Manager and their Board of Directors. SB-326 now adds to that challenge.  Therefore, we have provided a solution:


Execution of the Inspection

Review Options for Repair

Execute the Work

Provide Proactive Maintenance

SB-326 requires the inspection of Exterior Elevated Elements, termed now as EEE’s.

Many of these elements have been neglected by many Associations for many years. Neglecting these fundamental building components puts the residents at risk.  These items have always required periodic inspection, repair and maintenance.  These inspections and repairs can be easily addressed through a proactive process JWC can provide.

Mandates become less problematic when there is a solution available.  Please contact us for the details of our inspection process.

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