If you live, work and play in California, you also experience earthquakes.

“World leading experts and scientists in seismicity have predicted major seismic activity in the Southern California region in the near future with catastrophic potential”. ~Quote from Santa Monica Seismic Retrofit Ordinance~

To reduce potential building failure due to seismic activity, many Southern California City Building Departments are now mandating Seismic Retrofitting for certain projects by age and design.

A Seismic Retrofit gives existing structures more resistance to earthquake activity.  In buildings, this process typically includes strengthening the foundation to wall connections, roof to wall connections, and may include the addition of shear walls, moment frames, grade beams, and cantilevered beams.

By addressing the buildings’ structural deficits, you help to ensure the safety of its residents by preventing large scale failure of the building and mitigating potential economic and personal losses in the event of an earthquake.  Additionally, the marketability and insurability of a building will be enhanced after a Seismic Retrofit.

Since 1982, JWC has been providing exceptional Planning, Design, and Construction Services in the renovation of Homeowners Associations, apartment communities, and commercial projects, including Seismic Retrofitting of existing buildings.

JWC’s complete step-by-step process systematically organizes and implements the work. Throughout the project, JWC shall provide the project Board of Directors, homeowners, tenants and building owners with the required communication, education, quality control, schedule compliance, and project completion documentation.

JWC understands that having to perform Seismic Retrofitting work typically is not in the Reserve funding of your community or commercial building.  We will do all things possible to minimize the project cost impact and can provide lending strategies and sources.

Kindly contact us to discuss your community; our initial meeting is always complimentary!