Upon the completion of any construction defect litigation case, it is important to hire a fully qualified company that understands the important nuances of this type of work.  JWC is that company!

JWC takes pride in our ability and experience in the “correct” prioritization of the potential Scope of Work that is created from construction defect litigation.  Once prioritized, JWC provides a reconstruction options menu and assists the Board of Directors (BOD) in the selection of a work program that fits within their budget.

We can help devise work programs to address important issues now as desired by the Community.  The important part is that the BOD is in control and JWC is here to facilitate its needs.

JWC also provides full-time oversight, homeowner coordination and education, quality control, schedule compliance, and project completion documentation.

At the conclusion of the project, JWC looks to continue our relationship and offers to maintain the completed work via our Maintenance Division.  This extended Maintenance service option provides continuity in warranties and work installed to date and provides cost effective service to the remainder of the common area components.

For more information on this service, please contact JWC at 800.773.7147 or via email at jwccon@jwcconstruction.com for your complimentary site visit!