Water Intrusion and Mold Remediation Division

Water Intrusion Plus Time Equals Mold in Need of Remediation

Water Intrusion is a time consuming issue that needs to be dealt with promptly and efficiently.  Our clients are already busy with the day-to-day requirements of running the Community or building. Yet, all parties needs to act quickly to reduce cost and inconvenience to those who are affected.

We are certified experts in Water Damage Restoration, Health and Safety, and Applied Microbial Remediation.  The most important aspect of our services, however, is providing total coordination of the entire repair and remediation process.  Here’s how we do it:

JWC provides a management process that will alleviate the problems associated with water intrusion and microbial growth.  Microbial growth needs to be addressed aggressively to reduce potential litigation any claims can cause.  Addressing the resultant damage is only part of the process.  Pinpointing the water intrusion source to solve the problem is a mandatory task.

At your first notice of a water intrusion or microbial claim, contact JWC on our 24-hour response phone number @ 800.773.7147. Be it a small leak or a major complex detailed problem or event, JWC will provide its expert guidance and these services under our license and insurance, in one easy-to-understand contract, eliminating our client’s requirement to “navigate and coordinate” multiple proposals and/or contracts, and to decipher potential conflicting information.


To save time, energy, and unnecessary expense, contact JWC at 800.773.7147 or via email at gotmold@jwcconstruction.com for your complimentary site visit!  Or, you can submit a Work Order request direct online.